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The infernal working conditions of Syrians fleeing to Lebanon

More than 1 million Syrians are in Lebanon because of the war ravaging their country. UNHCR and NGOs try to provide them food and housing, however finding a job is legally very hard for them. Syrian workers face complex political and economic problems. Report from Zahlé and the Bekaa Plain, near the Syrian border. Video […]

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Ende Gelände: ‘disobedience in the name of justice’

Depuis Gênes en 2001, les mouvements altermondialistes font régulièrement parler d’eux. Durant l’été 2017, Le Journal International s’est immergé dans le camp climat d’Ende Gelände. Notre envoyé spécial a tenté de décrypter son fonctionnement et de comprendre les motivations des activistes. Reportage depuis la Rhénanie, où ces derniers invoquent la désobéissance civile pour faire respecter […]

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Çiğköftem, sustainable fast food, in spite of the stereotype.

TRANSLATED BY MARIE TERRIER AND GRACE DEATKER What if the decline in meat consumption is actually because of fast-food chains? Looking at Çiğköftem, a Turkish vegan chain created in 1993, this could be the case. Today it is one of the most important fast food chains in Turkey and it is slowly spreading throughout Europe. […]

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Félicité, personnage interprété par Véronique Beya Mputu. Capture d'écran de la bande-annonce du film.

‘Félicité’ : Kinshasa’s recovery

TRANSLATED BY CORALIE FRACHISSE AND LUCY HARRIES The Berlinale 2017 prizewinner, the film ‘Félicité’ (Felicity in English) by Aain Gomis was released on March 29 in theatres. Following the daily battle of a Congolese woman, the audience faces the reality of DR Congo’s capital with full-force. A technical masterpiece which depicts a real social disaster. […]

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