Refugee quotas: Hungary is commanded to comply

TRANSLATED BY GENEVIEVE SILK AND PROOFREAD BY CARA EVANS-GILLEN Roughly two years after the anti-migrant wall along the Hungarian-Serbian border was constructed, the policy of Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian Prime Minister, needs to be readdressed, particularly in light of the decision made on 6th September 2017 by the European Court of Justice. Solidarity as “the […]

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Enfant ouïghour. Crédit DR.

The Trail from Xinjiang: a bitter tale of the lives of “Uyghur thieves”

TRANSLATED BY JOYCE CHEN, PROOFREAD BY CARA EVANS-GILLEN The political opposition between the Uyghur separatists and the Beijing regime is an ongoing topic of discussion. However, the matter of the social issues linked to this minority group receives much less attention. The documentary film The Trail from Xinjiang shines the spotlight on the escape and […]

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The other side of fact-checking

TRANSLATED BY CARA EVANS-GILLEN AND PROOFREAD BY JOYCE CHEN Fact-checking services (the verification of facts) are a new tool being used by the media which allows them to tackle the spread of rumours and misinformation. The volume of information and the speed at which it spreads have increased considerably since the invention of the internet […]

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Crédit Émilie Porée.

Look At Her: The inspiring one

TRANSLATED BY CORALIE FRACHISSE AND PROOFREAD BY CARA EVANS-GILLEN As part of the “Look At Her” project, Emily Porée is travelling across Southeast Asia to meet women from all walks of life to draw their portrait. In Phnom Penh, she interviewed Thavry Thon, who participated in the international conference “Asian women private sector tourism” organised […]

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