StopCovid: An unreachable objective?

Translated by Meyriam Bouali, proofread by Charlotte Borne The government faces issues related to the tracing app mentioned by Emmanuel Macron, the French President, during his speech on 13 April, 2020. The Franco-German researchers who are responsible for developing the app, called « StopCovid », answered to some questions from thousands of Europeans on Saturday 18 April. […]

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Corona bonds: will the European division be overcome?

Translated by Gueric Cardet, proofread by Lauren Valentine While solidarity within countries is spreading to overcome the slump of quarantine, it remains difficult to notice it between the members of the European Union. Will Corona bonds be the solution? “Europe will not be made all at once, nor according to a single, general plan. It […]

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Algeria: a fish farming pilot project in a Sahrawi refugee camp

Translated by Gueric Cardet, proofread by Lauren Valentine On February 27th, in the Tindouf region of southwest Algeria, the N’Khaila pilot fish-farming project was inaugurated in a Sahrawi refugee camp. It was run by the Triangle Génération Humanitaire association. Refugees from Western Sahara have been living in camps in southwest Algeria, near Tindouf, since 1975. […]

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Crédit Manon Bernard.

From London with hope

TRANSLATED BY BEN LITTLEDYKE AND LUCY HARRIES Has London become a weakened, lifeless city? After this year’s terrorist attacks, Le Journal International has interviewed several Londoners – those who’ve lived in the city for a weekend, a year, or their whole life – to get their thoughts on life in the British capital. “First of […]

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“Look At Her”: Authentic

TRANSLATED BY CLAUDIA OPPONG PEPRAH AND RHONA KAPPLER In the scope of the Project “Look At “Her”, Émilie Porée is travelling through South-East Asia. She meets with women of all shades in order to draw a picture of their lifes. Now she repaired to southern Thailand onto a small savage island called Koh Yao Noi where […]

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Le centre-ville de Tallinn. Crédit Camille Simonet.

Is Estonia an avant-garde country on gender equality

TRANSLATED BY SERVANE JARDIN-BLICQ AND THOMAS SHACKLOCK Estonia is apparently a very modern country concerning gender equality. But some professional and social inequality is still topical. Last March 8th we celebrated International Women’s Rights Day. In Estonia, one can think that this struggle has no place. “It’s true that in Estonia I don’t have the […]

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Les bâtiments de la banque centrale européenne. Crédit MPD01605 (Flickr).

The European Central Bank: Under German Influence? (2/2)

TRANSLATED BY CAROLINE CARDEN AND THOMAS SHACKLOCK The arrival of Mario Draghi as president of the European Central Bank (ECB) in 2011 opposed the ordoliberalism advocated by Germany. The previous June, the ECB was fully devoted to German economic policy. But is a policy change really possible? To answer this question, Le Journal International tries […]

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