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Swedish Universities: The exception that proves the rule?

TRANSLATED BY BEN LITTLEDYKE AND NIKI SO Every year the league table of the best universities in the world is published. Unsurprisingly, the USA and the UK dominate. However, they face close competition from Swedish public institutions. At a time of rampant privatisation across all sectors, Sweden has tried to maintain what has made it […]

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Canada – the ‘X’ sex, the new gender for transgender people

TRANSLATED BY JOHN LIU AND LUCY HARRIES On August 24th, Canada authorized the use of the unspecified sex ‘X’ on official federal documents for those who do not identify with the binary options of ‘male’ and ‘female’. This measure aims to simplify the situation for transgender people in Canada. The term ‘transgender’ refers to all […]

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Campus de La Sapienza, Rome. Crédit Marion Huguet.

Italy: everyone leaving to study elsewhere

TRANSLATED BY LUCY HARRIES AND GENEVIEVE SILK The economic disparity between the north and the south of Italy is well known. The Italian education system is no exception. Le Journal International talked to four students from Calabria and Puglia who were forced to move away from home to continue their studies. Since the 2008 political […]

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Crédit Émilie Porée.

Look At Her: The inspiring one

TRANSLATED BY CORALIE FRACHISSE AND PROOFREAD BY CARA EVANS-GILLEN As part of the “Look At Her” project, Emily Porée is travelling across Southeast Asia to meet women from all walks of life to draw their portrait. In Phnom Penh, she interviewed Thavry Thon, who participated in the international conference “Asian women private sector tourism” organised […]

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Crédit Elena Blum.

Bhutan: Long Live Gross National Happiness

TRANSLATED BY NIKI SO AND JOYCE CHEN Bhutan, a small Asian country which sits between India and China, is most known for its gross national happiness (GNH) index. While other countries in the world are committed to inflating their GDP, Bhutan has a slightly different vision in mind in terms of development. In 1972, the […]

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