One hundred years on from the Balfour Declaration, the UK is still divided on the Palestinian Question

TRANSLATED BY BEN LITTLEDYKE AND JOYCE CHEN The 2nd November 2017 marked one hundred years since the Balfour Declaration, and Theresa May welcomed Benjamin Netanyahu to London to celebrate the occasion. It was 100 years ago, on the 2nd November 1917, that Lord Balfour published a letter announcing his government’s support for the creation of […]

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Encounter with Eastern Christian

TRANSLATED BY NOEMIE BASTIDE AND THOMAS SHACKLOCK The challenge of Pascal Maguesyan is « on the one hand to write about the Middle East for its cruelty and on the other for its goodness ». This old-established journalist and amateur photographer has been travelling the Middle East for more than 10 years and has decided to give […]

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