Çiğköftem, sustainable fast food, in spite of the stereotype.

TRANSLATED BY MARIE TERRIER AND GRACE DEATKER What if the decline in meat consumption is actually because of fast-food chains? Looking at Çiğköftem, a Turkish vegan chain created in 1993, this could be the case. Today it is one of the most important fast food chains in Turkey and it is slowly spreading throughout Europe. […]

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Dans les campagnes de Mongolie Intérieure, les tombeaux sont à quelques pas des montagnes de déchets. Certains d'entre eux, peu entretenus, en sont même recouverts. Capture vidéo. ©AD.

Plastic China: the illusion of China’s prosperity

TRANSLATED BY GRACE DEATKER AND STEPHANIE BENZIES Consumer society has reached a dead end. Watching Chinese film director Wang Jiuliang’s images, the public uncovers a controversial issue: the plastic waste disposal industry in China. In his book Junkyard Planet, Adam Minter describes both a controversial and lucrative world where piles of waste become colossal fortunes, […]

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Crédit Marcelo Montecino (CC BY-SA 2.0).

Cuba: a history caught between a rock and a hard place

TRANSLATED BY NOEMIE BASTIDE AND GRACE DEATKER The Cuban revolution was a legitimate response to the situation in Cuba in the 1950s. But are the same reasons for the revolution still affecting the country today? This article will explore the issues in Cuba after the death of Fidel Castro. The Cuban revolution, before being a […]

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2017: Is Chinese cinema entering a new era?

TRANSLATED BY MELANIE JOUD AND GRACE DEATKER On January 11, The Great Wall was released in French cinemas. Produced by the American media company Legendary Pictures and directed by Chinese director Zhang Yimou, it features American actors Matt Damon and Willem Dafoe as well as famous Chinese actors Jing Tian and Andy Lau. The movie […]

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Crédit Lily Cornaërt.

Leipzig and the Schrebergärten, a garden made in Germany

TRANSLATED BY LAURA DELAGRANGE AND GRACE DEATKER The ‘Schrebergärten’ appeared in Leipzig during the era of industrialization. 150 years later, these allotments reflect the new ethical and environmental issues of today. Leipzig is a green city. A city with lakes, parks and streams, but it is also the city of Schrebergärten. ‘Schreber’s gardens’, ‘allotments’ or […]

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