Tunisia: What’s left of the Arab Spring

TRANSLATED BY JOYCE CHEN AND GENEVIEVE SILK Seven years after the Jasmine Revolution, Tunisia appears to be a symbol of a successful peaceful transition to democracy in the Arab world. However, the waves of protests this summer reveal tensions, especially economic and social ones, which prevail in the country. Here is an analysis of the […]

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Catalonia: time for independence?

TRANSLATED BY JOHN LIU AND GENEVIEVE SILK On Sunday, October 1st, Catalonia will hold a referendum of unilateral self-determination for independence, despite being prohibited by the Spanish government. Looking back at the historical tension between Madrid and Barcelona, it seems to peak in the days leading up to the referendum. For almost 40 years, Catalonia […]

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Encerclés par la police, ces militants seront arrêtés et conduits au commissariat. Ils ont recours à plusieurs techniques pour empêcher leur identification : pas de papiers d'identité, maquillage sur le visage et glue sur les doigts pour éviter les reconnaissances faciale et digitale. De ce fait, ajouté à leur nombre très élevé, la police ne pourra pas les identifier. Ils seront relâchés sans poursuites après quelques heures. Crédit Alexis Demoment.

Ende Gelände: ‘disobedience in the name of justice’

TRANSLATED BY RHONA KAPPLER AND GENEVIEVE SILK Ever since the anti-G8 protest at Gênes in 2001, we often hear talk of alter-globalist movements. During the summer of 2017, Le Journal International visited the climate camp of German group Ende Gelände. Our correspondent aimed to get an idea of the group’s internal organisation and to gain […]

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Campus de La Sapienza, Rome. Crédit Marion Huguet.

Italy: everyone leaving to study elsewhere

TRANSLATED BY LUCY HARRIES AND GENEVIEVE SILK The economic disparity between the north and the south of Italy is well known. The Italian education system is no exception. Le Journal International talked to four students from Calabria and Puglia who were forced to move away from home to continue their studies. Since the 2008 political […]

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Crédit Émilie Porée.

 “Look At Her”: Chalk and Cheese

TRANSLATED BY GENEVIEVE SILK AND LUCY HARRIES As part of the “Look At Her” project, Émilie Porée is travelling across South-East Asia, taking snapshots of women from all walks of life. Her last encounter was with two students in a park in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s economic capital. Nha [editor’s note: on the left of […]

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