Indigenous women missing and murdered: Canada’s long-awaited national inquiry

TRANSLATED BY RHONA KAPPLER AND PROOFREAD BY LAUREN VALENTINE According to Statistics Canada, native women are 3 times more likely to be victims of domestic violence and seven times more likely to be victims of murder than non-native women. After the launch of a national inquiry into the women and girls of indigenous communities, the […]

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A “Wind of Change” at the Montreal Elections

TRANSLATED BY BEN LITTLEDYKE AND NIAMH WEEKES The Montreal municipal elections took place on 5th November 2017. As the city had been governed by the liberal Denis Coderre since 2013, the narrow victory of the Projet Montréal party with 51.42% of the vote came as a real surprise. Its candidate Valérie Plante also became the […]

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Pierre Haski, Lewis Wallace, Camille Louis et Wyndham Wallace, lors de leur conférence à l'European Lab à Lyon, France, le 25 mai 2017. Crédit : Alexandra Sabadello

Trump: an opportunity to reinvent Europe

TRANSLATED BY JOHN LIU AND LUCY HARRIES For its 2017 edition, the European Lab welcomed four speakers who supported the notion that the election of Donald Trump could serve to rewrite the European plan. Le Journal International followed the story for you. The conference ‘Trump’s America: a step towards Europe’s future’ was held on Thursday […]

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Image d'illustration. Crédit Hernán Piñera.

Argentina : A Second Wind for the Teachers’ Battle.

TRANSLATED BY CORALIE FRACHISSE AND NIAMH WEEKES Since March 6, Argentinian teachers have been strike to defend the working conditions they are facing under Macri’s government. ‘ As long as there will be masters standing, there won’t be people on their knees’ is one of the movement’s slogans, asking for the opening of the paritarias. […]

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Crédit Georgia Mouton-Lorenzo.

Berlinale 2017: an ode to courage and solidarity

TRANSLATED BY LUCY HARRIES AND THOMAS SHACKLOCK No sequins, no glamour, but always resolutely political, the 67th annual Berlin festival took place in February. Numerous screenings and debates celebrated tolerance and resistance in the face of increasing xenophobia in Europe and the policies of Donald Trump. Here is a short overview of those ten emotional […]

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Les bâtiments de la banque centrale européenne. Crédit MPD01605 (Flickr).

The European Central Bank: Under German Influence? (2/2)

TRANSLATED BY CAROLINE CARDEN AND THOMAS SHACKLOCK The arrival of Mario Draghi as president of the European Central Bank (ECB) in 2011 opposed the ordoliberalism advocated by Germany. The previous June, the ECB was fully devoted to German economic policy. But is a policy change really possible? To answer this question, Le Journal International tries […]

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Crédit ONU (Flickr).

Côte d’Ivoire: the soldiers’ anger

TRANSLATED BY LAURA DELAGRANGE AND LUCY HARRIES Since the start of the year, Côte d’Ivoire has been through three rebellions which were only a few days apart. Calm has returned and the authorities are trying to appease soldiers’ anger. The issue: avoid letting the country slip into chaos once again. The ivoirians thought that they were […]

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