In Leipzig art appears through the bricks

TRANSLATED BY LYDIA CHENG AND VICTORIA WILLIAMS Reminders of its history can be seen throughout Leipzig. Recognisable by its redbrick buildings, the district of Plagwitz in Western Leipzig was one of Germany’s most important industrial areas during the 19th century. Some of these buildings are now home to museums and cultural institutes whilst others, now […]

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Crédit Lily Cornaërt.

Leipzig and the Schrebergärten, a garden made in Germany

TRANSLATED BY LAURA DELAGRANGE AND GRACE DEATKER The ‘Schrebergärten’ appeared in Leipzig during the era of industrialization. 150 years later, these allotments reflect the new ethical and environmental issues of today. Leipzig is a green city. A city with lakes, parks and streams, but it is also the city of Schrebergärten. ‘Schreber’s gardens’, ‘allotments’ or […]

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