Crédit ONU (Flickr).

Côte d’Ivoire: the soldiers’ anger

TRANSLATED BY LAURA DELAGRANGE AND LUCY HARRIES Since the start of the year, Côte d’Ivoire has been through three rebellions which were only a few days apart. Calm has returned and the authorities are trying to appease soldiers’ anger. The issue: avoid letting the country slip into chaos once again. The ivoirians thought that they were […]

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GDP: an outdated indicator

TRANSLATED BY LAURA DELAGRANGE AND CAROLINE CARDEN Historically, countries which pollute the most have a high level of GDP growth. China (6-7%), India (7%) and the United States (2.5%) – three high-carbon economies – take the lead of countries emitting the largest quantities of CO2 (non-EU). While many envy Germany’s economic growth, questioning our economic […]

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Crédit Lily Cornaërt.

Leipzig and the Schrebergärten, a garden made in Germany

TRANSLATED BY LAURA DELAGRANGE AND GRACE DEATKER The ‘Schrebergärten’ appeared in Leipzig during the era of industrialization. 150 years later, these allotments reflect the new ethical and environmental issues of today. Leipzig is a green city. A city with lakes, parks and streams, but it is also the city of Schrebergärten. ‘Schreber’s gardens’, ‘allotments’ or […]

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