Crédit Mathieu Reyrolle

Cincinnati Slim: Blue note from Cincinnati

TRANSLATED BY DARRAGH HAYES-MORIARTY Originally from Ohio, Cincinnati Slim has about a thirty year career behind him, and has traversed the United States. Today he sets the hearts of French blues lovers aflutter. Because this artist does not sing blues, he lives it. A meeting with this peerless artist. Le Journal International: Hello, Cincinnati Slim, […]

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Crédit DR

Freedom: the press is crying but does not flinch

TRANSLATED BY AMALE ZEGGOUD A week ago, a historical tragedy shook France. 17 people were killed by three crazed killers. The country, the world, rose up against these barbarian acts and they mobilized to protest. Here is an overview of this unity against terrorism. I will not talk about the 17 deaths. I will not […]

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Crédit Photo DR

(Français) Beth Hart, is she the one ?

Sorry, this entry is only available in French. Nathan LautierPassionné de musique, de société, de politique. Curieux insatiable. J’ai fait mes armes au Progrès, CitizenPost, actuellement à Euronews. Accessoirement ex gourou du JI.

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