A “Wind of Change” at the Montreal Elections

TRANSLATED BY BEN LITTLEDYKE AND NIAMH WEEKES The Montreal municipal elections took place on 5th November 2017. As the city had been governed by the liberal Denis Coderre since 2013, the narrow victory of the Projet Montréal party with 51.42% of the vote came as a real surprise. Its candidate Valérie Plante also became the […]

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Image d'illustration. Crédit Hernán Piñera.

Argentina : A Second Wind for the Teachers’ Battle.

TRANSLATED BY CORALIE FRACHISSE AND NIAMH WEEKES Since March 6, Argentinian teachers have been strike to defend the working conditions they are facing under Macri’s government. ‘ As long as there will be masters standing, there won’t be people on their knees’ is one of the movement’s slogans, asking for the opening of the paritarias. […]

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Crédit Muriel Epailly.

Gambia: The end of Yaya Jammeh’s reign

TRANSLATED BY NIAMH WEEKES AND ALISON ARLOW Yaya Jammeh, President of Gambia of 22 years following a coup d’état, has seceded from power under threat of west-African state military intervention and has found asylum in Equatorial Guinea. Even having lost the election to his opponent Adama Barrow, he refused to give up his seat. The […]

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Crédit Jackie Ramirez.

Charity, the Chinese Way

TRANSLATED BY CAROLINE CARDEN AND NIAMH WEEKES Luo Yixiao, a 5-year-old Chinese girl, died this Christmas Eve despite numerous donations to pay for her medical expenses. The matter has been controversial following suspected fraud surrounding the donation collection. Le Journal International had a look into charity in China. On November 14, 2017, Luo Yixiao was diagnosed […]

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CC0 Public Domain (Pixabay).

How will Donald Trump impact the Southern Caucasus?

TRANSLATED BY SERVANE JARDIN-BLICQ AND NIAMH WEEKES The US presidential election victory of American tycoon Donald Trump surprised almost everyone. Despite his leanings towards isolationism, the new resident of the White House will be forced to see to several international policy issues, the Southern Caucasus being one of them. The sights of the political and […]

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Femmes zapatistes lors du Festival CompArte à Oventik, 29/07/2016. Crédit Arthur Temporal Ventura.

Mexico – An Indigenous Woman for Presidential Candidate

TRANSLATED BY GABRIELA CÓ AND NIAMH WEEKES An indigenous woman will participate in the 2018 Mexican presidential elections. She will be representing the 33 people who are part of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI). Her candidacy will be the first to be officially supported by the Zapatista Army (EZLN). The Zapatista Army (EZLN) has declared […]

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