Wave of arrests overwhelms opposition in Hong Kong

Translated by Margot Daniele, proofread by Marie Peltomaki These days, COVID-19 is not the only thing that is making noise about China. Even though it is hard to put in place international sanctions, China is widely criticized because of its domestic affairs regarding the masse imprisonment and enslavement of the Uyghur population, but also regarding […]

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5G – the generation of too much?

Translated by Claudia Oppong Peprah Some think it is faster with higher performance others consider it more dangerous and even more devastating for the environment: 5G. However, despite all the technological progress 5G remains an object of political conflict. As a symbol of capability and power it is the cause of conflict between two archrivals: […]

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Mulan 2.0: Disney’s dark choices

Translated by Marine El Hajji As the reboot of the famous animated film Mulan, produced in 1998 by Disney Animation Studios, is about to be released on streaming platforms, the expensive blockbuster, with a total budget of $200 million, is facing numerous calls for boycott. Indeed, since last year, controversies have been piling up and just […]

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China and Canada : rising tensions

Translated by Natacha Perrin, Proofread by Amel Attatfa On December 2018, Canadian authorities arrest Huawei number two, Meng Wenzhou, in Canada. The following days, China, with whom diplomatic relations have been deteriorating over the years, put two Canadians on remand. On June 19th, 2020, China formally charges them with spying. Is it revenge of mere […]

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Enfant ouïghour. Crédit DR.

The Trail from Xinjiang: a bitter tale of the lives of “Uyghur thieves”

TRANSLATED BY JOYCE CHEN, PROOFREAD BY CARA EVANS-GILLEN The political opposition between the Uyghur separatists and the Beijing regime is an ongoing topic of discussion. However, the matter of the social issues linked to this minority group receives much less attention. The documentary film The Trail from Xinjiang shines the spotlight on the escape and […]

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Dans les campagnes de Mongolie Intérieure, les tombeaux sont à quelques pas des montagnes de déchets. Certains d'entre eux, peu entretenus, en sont même recouverts. Capture vidéo. ©AD.

Plastic China: the illusion of China’s prosperity

TRANSLATED BY GRACE DEATKER AND STEPHANIE BENZIES Consumer society has reached a dead end. Watching Chinese film director Wang Jiuliang’s images, the public uncovers a controversial issue: the plastic waste disposal industry in China. In his book Junkyard Planet, Adam Minter describes both a controversial and lucrative world where piles of waste become colossal fortunes, […]

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