Is denunciation a cure for Covid-19 in South Korea?

Translated by Margot Daniele, proofread by Marie Peltomaki   Tracking down any incivility, spying on your neighbor, reporting breaches: denunciation is a common practice in South Korea. Encouraged in everyday life since the beginning of the 2000s, it has not been slowed down by Covid-19, in fact it is quite the contrary. This practice is […]

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(Français) Crédit Elsa Pécot

The Italian Mafia: speaking out over omertà

TRANSLATED BY CHARLOTTE FORD AND PROOFREAD BY JOYCE CHEN The publication of Roberto Saviano’s latest book on young mafia groups in Naples has attracted considerable attention. Writing and speaking out about criminal organisations is part of a larger, continual struggle against the mafia that is very much still alive in Italy. How can the mafia’s […]

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