Overview of Feminism’s current situation in Africa

Translated by Margot Daniele, proofread by Celia Courteix In December 2020, a feminist library opened at Abidjan in Ivory Coast. It aims to give visibility to black female authors of the African continent as their writings often remain marginalised. Similar to many other actions in Africa, this initiative is part of a feminist perspective. By feminism […]

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What does the future hold for the American multilateralism?

(Français) Face à un monde en morceaux, le secrétaire général des Nations-Unies, António Guterres, préconise le multilatéralisme. Pourtant, ce n’est pas la voie que Donald Trump, actuel président des Etats-Unis d’Amérique, a emprunté durant son mandat.
La notion de « multilatéralisme » est récente car elle s’introduit dans le vocabulaire américain en 1948 : jusqu’alors on parlait d’« action concertée » ou d’« action collective ». Elle désigne un mode de relations interétatiques visant à établir des règles communes. Autrement dit, un Etat s’inscrit dans une logique multilatérale lorsqu’il privilégie la concertation dans les relations internationales.
A l’approche des élections présidentielles américaines, l’avenir du multilatéralisme n’a jamais été aussi incertain.

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Sameblod. Crédits : Sophia Olsson NORDISK FILMS

The Sami, Europe’s indigenous people in the search of their identity

Translated by Marie Peltomaki, proofread by Natacha Perrin The Sami people have lived in northern Europe for thousands of years, yet their history is often overlooked. The Swedish film director and screenwriter Amanda Kernell is giving back its voice to the Sami people by diving into their history in her film Sami blood (Sameblod), that […]

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Code Pink : Antiwar militancy on a pink background

Translated by Nariné Igityan, proofread by Charlotte Borne They have a singular style: they are committed and ready to be detained for defending their ideas. We met the ladies of the American organization Code Pink. The organization was born in 2002, in reaction to the American foreign policies, which triggered the Second Golf War. Code […]

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The promises and pitfalls of the 2030 agenda for the EU and European federalism

First published on the by The New Federalist, partner media of Le Journal International Few people remember the historical event that took place on Friday, 25th September 2015, perhaps because it failed to receive the media attention it deserved. Yet, all around the world, the outcomes of this event continue to be felt today, playing […]

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Algeria: a fish farming pilot project in a Sahrawi refugee camp

Translated by Gueric Cardet, proofread by Lauren Valentine On February 27th, in the Tindouf region of southwest Algeria, the N’Khaila pilot fish-farming project was inaugurated in a Sahrawi refugee camp. It was run by the Triangle Génération Humanitaire association. Refugees from Western Sahara have been living in camps in southwest Algeria, near Tindouf, since 1975. […]

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Viktor Orbán: political divorce in the European Parliament

Three months before the European elections, things are not that easy for the first party of the European Parliament. In the election campaign, Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz has been the subject of an exclusion procedure of the European People’s Party (EPP). A logical consequence given the provocations of the Fidesz towards his own European party, in […]

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Jacinda Ardern, fraîchement élue, prête serment devant la Gouverneure

Three women of power in New-Zealand

It’s not often that we hear much from New Zealand. Lately, one woman has brought the country back into the spotlight: Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern. She was elected in October 2017 and now runs the country alongside two other powerful women. Never in the history of the United Nations Assembly have they seen a state […]

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(Français) Crédit Elsa Pécot

The Italian Mafia: speaking out over omertà

TRANSLATED BY CHARLOTTE FORD AND PROOFREAD BY JOYCE CHEN The publication of Roberto Saviano’s latest book on young mafia groups in Naples has attracted considerable attention. Writing and speaking out about criminal organisations is part of a larger, continual struggle against the mafia that is very much still alive in Italy. How can the mafia’s […]

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