Sameblod. Crédits : Sophia Olsson NORDISK FILMS

The Sami, Europe’s indigenous people in the search of their identity

Translated by Marie Peltomaki, proofread by Natacha Perrin The Sami people have lived in northern Europe for thousands of years, yet their history is often overlooked. The Swedish film director and screenwriter Amanda Kernell is giving back its voice to the Sami people by diving into their history in her film Sami blood (Sameblod), that […]

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Code Pink : Antiwar militancy on a pink background

Translated by Nariné Igityan, proofread by Charlotte Borne They have a singular style: they are committed and ready to be detained for defending their ideas. We met the ladies of the American organization Code Pink. The organization was born in 2002, in reaction to the American foreign policies, which triggered the Second Golf War. Code […]

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Criminology: nascent science of crimes and criminals

Translated by Natacha Perrin, proofread by Niki SO and Guéric Cardet Delinquency is a dominating concern in modern societies. Government policies face it with more or less assertiveness. Criminology is a discipline relatively new that might enlighten decision-makers in the political and professional spheres about facing issues such as delinquency and criminality. According to sociologist […]

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The promises and pitfalls of the 2030 agenda for the EU and European federalism

First published on the by The New Federalist, partner media of Le Journal International Few people remember the historical event that took place on Friday, 25th September 2015, perhaps because it failed to receive the media attention it deserved. Yet, all around the world, the outcomes of this event continue to be felt today, playing […]

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Algeria: a fish farming pilot project in a Sahrawi refugee camp

Translated by Gueric Cardet, proofread by Lauren Valentine On February 27th, in the Tindouf region of southwest Algeria, the N’Khaila pilot fish-farming project was inaugurated in a Sahrawi refugee camp. It was run by the Triangle Génération Humanitaire association. Refugees from Western Sahara have been living in camps in southwest Algeria, near Tindouf, since 1975. […]

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Australia’s Refugee Policy called into question

TRANSLATED BY BEN LITTLEDYKE Under pressure from the UN and civil protests, the Australian government has announced that child migrants and their families will be evacuated from the island of Nauru, the site of one of the country’s detention centres. Australia ‘s strict immigration policy has drawn admiration from some corners of Europe and the […]

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Colombia’s struggle for peace

TRANSLATED BY JOYCE CHEN AND PROOFREAD BY RHONA KAPPLER It has been over a year since the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), a far-left guerrilla movement, signed a peace agreement, and since the latter’s transformation into a political party. This agreement is yet to be received unanimously by the people […]

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Enfant ouïghour. Crédit DR.

The Trail from Xinjiang: a bitter tale of the lives of “Uyghur thieves”

TRANSLATED BY JOYCE CHEN, PROOFREAD BY CARA EVANS-GILLEN The political opposition between the Uyghur separatists and the Beijing regime is an ongoing topic of discussion. However, the matter of the social issues linked to this minority group receives much less attention. The documentary film The Trail from Xinjiang shines the spotlight on the escape and […]

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Le centre-ville de Tallinn. Crédit Camille Simonet.

Is Estonia an avant-garde country on gender equality

TRANSLATED BY SERVANE JARDIN-BLICQ AND THOMAS SHACKLOCK Estonia is apparently a very modern country concerning gender equality. But some professional and social inequality is still topical. Last March 8th we celebrated International Women’s Rights Day. In Estonia, one can think that this struggle has no place. “It’s true that in Estonia I don’t have the […]

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