Skateboarding from California to Berlin, interview with Martel Persien

TRANSLATED BY MELANIE JOUD AND SARAH WHITE In the movie, This Ain’t California, the German skateboarder and movie director, Martel Persien traces the evolution of skateboarding in the former German Democratic Republic. Considered as a tool for political protest in East Germany, or a distinctive discipline of the American dream… skateboarding led to radical societal […]

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Portugal plays the silver economy card

TRANSLATED BY ALISON ARLOW AND LISETE FERNANDES An increasing number of pensioners decide to spend their retirement days in Portugal, making a return on the Lusitanian silver economy. Portugal, alongside Greece, was considered for as the weak link in Europe during the debt crisis. Abandoned by investors, financial circles expected the worst for the national […]

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The Chinese educational system: strictness, patriotism and selectivity

TRANSLATED BY ÀLEX MASPOCH LUQUE AND ALISON ARLOW In China there’s a conception and a view of education that is sometimes different from the rest of the world. Le Journal International met with two Chinese students to analyse this educational system which is based on strictness, patriotism and selectivity. Like many countries, children can join […]

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