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An increasing number of icebergs float past the Canadian east coast, and that’s not good news…

TRANSLATED BY CORALIE FRACHISSE AND NIKI SO Even if the sight of icebergs floating along the Canadian east coast during this time of the year is one of the most beautiful views, it is very worrying as the number of icebergs is constantly increasing. For scientists, global warming has something to do with it. Article […]

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Le chercheur Sylvain Crépon se prête au jeu des questions-réponses lors de la conférence aux Jardins du Luxembourg. Crédit Alexis Clot.

European Cooperation serving research

TRANSLATED BY MARINE MULCEY AND CAROLINE CARDEN March 23rd through 25th, Paris hosted members of the COST Action IS13081, dedicated to the study of populist strategies in Europe. Discussions of the topic were open to the public on Friday the 24th during a conference at the Palais du Luxembourg where different participants (researchers, journalists…) debated. […]

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Encounter with Eastern Christian

TRANSLATED BY NOEMIE BASTIDE AND THOMAS SHACKLOCK The challenge of Pascal Maguesyan is « on the one hand to write about the Middle East for its cruelty and on the other for its goodness ». This old-established journalist and amateur photographer has been travelling the Middle East for more than 10 years and has decided to give […]

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Berlinale 2017: an ode to courage and solidarity

TRANSLATED BY LUCY HARRIES AND THOMAS SHACKLOCK No sequins, no glamour, but always resolutely political, the 67th annual Berlin festival took place in February. Numerous screenings and debates celebrated tolerance and resistance in the face of increasing xenophobia in Europe and the policies of Donald Trump. Here is a short overview of those ten emotional […]

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(Français) Le pays de Galles célèbre le saint patron

Sorry, this entry is only available in French, European Spanish, European Portuguese and Italian. Thomas ShacklockEtudiant britannique de l’Université de Birmingham, je suis devenu membre du Journal International pendant mon année à l’étranger à Lyon 2016-2017. Je m’intéresse à une variété de sujets politiques, sociaux et culturels des quatre coins du monde, mais je me […]

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Our Top 10 sustainable initiatives from around the world

TRANSLATED BY LUCY HARRIES AND LISETE FERNANDES “2016 in 366 initiatives; for the reinvention of our world”. That’s the title chosen by Efficycle , a media site who specialises in the current events regarding sustainable development, for their yearly special edition. Yet another to add to their collection.  Called Florilège. Business is flourishing around the world. […]

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