Le Parlement européen. Crédit ChequeredInk (Pixabay).

The Istanbul Convention: a big step for women’s emancipation

TRANSLATED BY JOYCE CHEN AND NIKI SO On Thursday 11 May, the European Union signed the Istanbul Convention. This convention was created to prevent and combat violence against women. The terms of the Istanbul Convention were outlined early in 2017 in the European Parliament’s offices. “We are working on the European Parliament’s implementation of the […]

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Le centre-ville de Tallinn. Crédit Camille Simonet.

Is Estonia an avant-garde country on gender equality

TRANSLATED BY SERVANE JARDIN-BLICQ AND THOMAS SHACKLOCK Estonia is apparently a very modern country concerning gender equality. But some professional and social inequality is still topical. Last March 8th we celebrated International Women’s Rights Day. In Estonia, one can think that this struggle has no place. “It’s true that in Estonia I don’t have the […]

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Encounter with Eastern Christian

TRANSLATED BY NOEMIE BASTIDE AND THOMAS SHACKLOCK The challenge of Pascal Maguesyan is « on the one hand to write about the Middle East for its cruelty and on the other for its goodness ». This old-established journalist and amateur photographer has been travelling the Middle East for more than 10 years and has decided to give […]

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Crédit Georgia Mouton-Lorenzo.

Berlinale 2017: an ode to courage and solidarity

TRANSLATED BY LUCY HARRIES AND THOMAS SHACKLOCK No sequins, no glamour, but always resolutely political, the 67th annual Berlin festival took place in February. Numerous screenings and debates celebrated tolerance and resistance in the face of increasing xenophobia in Europe and the policies of Donald Trump. Here is a short overview of those ten emotional […]

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Mario Draghi. Crédit harrivicknarajah0 (Pixabay).

The European Central Bank : Under German influence? (1/2)

TRANSLATED BY MELANIE JOUD AND THOMAS SHACKLOCK The arrival of Mario Draghi as president of the European Central Bank (ECB) in 2011 opposed the ordoliberalism put forward by Germany. Before that, in June, the ECB worshipped the German economic policy. But is a policy change really possible? To answer this, Le Journal International tried to […]

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Crédit ONU (Flickr).

Côte d’Ivoire: the soldiers’ anger

TRANSLATED BY LAURA DELAGRANGE AND LUCY HARRIES Since the start of the year, Côte d’Ivoire has been through three rebellions which were only a few days apart. Calm has returned and the authorities are trying to appease soldiers’ anger. The issue: avoid letting the country slip into chaos once again. The ivoirians thought that they were […]

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(Français) Le pays de Galles célèbre le saint patron

Sorry, this entry is only available in French, European Spanish, European Portuguese and Italian. Thomas ShacklockEtudiant britannique de l’Université de Birmingham, je suis devenu membre du Journal International pendant mon année à l’étranger à Lyon 2016-2017. Je m’intéresse à une variété de sujets politiques, sociaux et culturels des quatre coins du monde, mais je me […]

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Les ruines de Palmyre, Syrie, 2009. Crédit andrelambo (Pixabay).

Looting Syria: “Blood antiquities”

Translated by Caroline Carden and Sarah White Over the years, Syria has been dominated by Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Arabs, to name a few. The first traces of agriculture and livestock farming were found there, as well as the first alphabet. Syria has always been a crossroads of cultures, and the country’s historic legacy […]

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Plastic China: the illusion of China’s prosperity

TRANSLATED BY GRACE DEATKER AND STEPHANIE BENZIES Consumer society has reached a dead end. Watching Chinese film director Wang Jiuliang’s images, the public uncovers a controversial issue: the plastic waste disposal industry in China. In his book Junkyard Planet, Adam Minter describes both a controversial and lucrative world where piles of waste become colossal fortunes, […]

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