Independence issues in France: the case of New Caledonia and Corsica

TRANSLATED BY JOHN LIU AND PROOFREAD BY NIKI SO While the international news still focuses on the independence of Catalonia and “Brexit”, demands and secessionist movements are currently troubling France and its overseas and territorial collectivities, this time regarding New Caledonia and Corsica. As the end of the decolonization process begins with the organization of […]

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Swedish Universities: The exception that proves the rule?

TRANSLATED BY BEN LITTLEDYKE AND NIKI SO Every year the league table of the best universities in the world is published. Unsurprisingly, the USA and the UK dominate. However, they face close competition from Swedish public institutions. At a time of rampant privatisation across all sectors, Sweden has tried to maintain what has made it […]

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Crédit Émilie Porée.

“Look At Her”: The Expert

TRANSLATED BY JOYCE CHEN AND NIKI SO As part of the “Look At Her” project, Emily Porée is traveling across Southeast Asia to meet and profile women from all backgrounds. In Vientiane, the capital of Laos, she met up with doctor Soulany Chansy to discuss her workplace, the Lao Red Cross Society. Soulany is 51 […]

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Crédit Elena Blum.

Bhutan: Long Live Gross National Happiness

TRANSLATED BY NIKI SO AND JOYCE CHEN Bhutan, a small Asian country which sits between India and China, is most known for its gross national happiness (GNH) index. While other countries in the world are committed to inflating their GDP, Bhutan has a slightly different vision in mind in terms of development. In 1972, the […]

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Le Parlement européen. Crédit ChequeredInk (Pixabay).

The Istanbul Convention: a big step for women’s emancipation

TRANSLATED BY JOYCE CHEN AND NIKI SO On Thursday 11 May, the European Union signed the Istanbul Convention. This convention was created to prevent and combat violence against women. The terms of the Istanbul Convention were outlined early in 2017 in the European Parliament’s offices. “We are working on the European Parliament’s implementation of the […]

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Crédit iStock.

An increasing number of icebergs float past the Canadian east coast, and that’s not good news…

TRANSLATED BY CORALIE FRACHISSE AND NIKI SO Even if the sight of icebergs floating along the Canadian east coast during this time of the year is one of the most beautiful views, it is very worrying as the number of icebergs is constantly increasing. For scientists, global warming has something to do with it. Article […]

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