Les ruines de Palmyre, Syrie, 2009. Crédit andrelambo (Pixabay).

Looting Syria: “Blood antiquities”

Translated by Caroline Carden and Sarah White Over the years, Syria has been dominated by Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Arabs, to name a few. The first traces of agriculture and livestock farming were found there, as well as the first alphabet. Syria has always been a crossroads of cultures, and the country’s historic legacy […]

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Rodrigo Duterte: “The Punisher” in Profile

TRANSLATED BY BENJAMIN JAMES LITTLEDYKE AND KATYA BROWNE On the 20th September, Rodrigo Duterte raised his middle finger to the European Union. The Philippines’ president is no stranger to such behaviour; he has also drawn attention to himself in recent months by referring first to Barack Obama and then Pope Francis as “sons of whores”. […]

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