The Adani group in Australia : a relationship full of conflict

TRANSLATED BY RHONA KAPPLER AND PROOFREAD BY LUCY HARRIES On 6th June 2017, the President of the multinational company Adani announced “the official launch” of the construction of the Carmichael coalmine. The mine would be situated near the Great Barrier Reef and would be one of the biggest in the world. This project has been […]

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Enfant ouïghour. Crédit DR.

The Trail from Xinjiang: a bitter tale of the lives of “Uyghur thieves”

TRANSLATED BY JOYCE CHEN, PROOFREAD BY CARA EVANS-GILLEN The political opposition between the Uyghur separatists and the Beijing regime is an ongoing topic of discussion. However, the matter of the social issues linked to this minority group receives much less attention. The documentary film The Trail from Xinjiang shines the spotlight on the escape and […]

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