Kulturnatt: in Stockholm, culture stays up all night


It is often hard to include a cultural outgoing when stuck in a routine between commuting to work, working, and sleeping, especially when you have a limited budget. To promote this, the city of Stockholm organises a kulturnatt (“night of culture”) each year. April 29th will be the opportunity to (re)discover culture in a different way.

Spring is back and days last longer. Walking in the streets of the Scandinavian cities such as Stockholm is not as hard as it was in winter. With such conditions, there are no more excuses for not enjoying the cultural and nocturnal life of the “Venice of the North”. The kulturnatt is a perfect introduction to this. Art, dance, literature, music or even theatre, this event offers a large panel of cultural activities. For free, the city offers to escape everyday life. From little hidden galleries to national museums, including nightclubs or tattooists, everyone can find satisfaction.

A wide choice

In Stockholm, the kulturnatt is part of 4 different cultural events organised by the city. From April to September, the city offers inhabitants and tourists a series of concerts, conferences and other activities.

Picture : main entrance of the Nordic museum. Photo credit to Arild Vågen.

Culture without borders

Last year, 138,500 visitors took part of the different events spread around the capital. At the Centre for Architecture and Design, it is possible to enjoy a guided tour of the last exhibition « Josef Frank – Against Design ». At the museum of Ethnography, everyone can create their own mask. This year, the kulturnatt starts the same day as International Dance Day. the Swedish Royal Academy of Dance offers the opportunity to wear slippers and try different types of dance.

Stockholm is not the only city which has implemented the night of culture. And Sweden is not the only country which has tried this nocturnal event. From Southern regions to Lapland, including Norway and Denmark, several Scandinavian cities are offering this type of event. Oslo has chosen September, while Copenhagen, has chosen October. Thus, it is possible to spend summer and autumn in Scandinavia discovering culture.

Discovering new cultures

Taking part in the kulturnat is also giving you the opportunity to discover the existence of places or arts that you could have never suspected. For this event, even Cultural Institutes are opening their doors. Often discrete, and sometimes exclusive, these Institutes are taking advantage of this event to attract a larger audience. The Finnish Cultural Institute will offer a festival mixing workshops, arts, and live music. For the Francophiles, the French Institute places this night under the theme “midnight in Paris”, mixing 1930’s jazz and dance. The Italian Cultural Institute proposes a screening of the movie I was a dreamer made by Michele Vannucci.

Banner picture: illustration image. Photo credit Alma Cohen.


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