Drug use in sports

Translated by Margot Daniele, proofread by Marie Peltomaki

The Pnyx show: drug use in sport

Listen to Pnyx weekly, the radio show discussing international news brought to you by the Journal International. In this episode, we focus on the use of drugs in sports.

On Friday 12th March 2021, Richard Freeman, the former doctor of the British cycling team, Sky, was found guilty of having ordered testosterone for drug use back in 2011. He admitted to 18 of the 22 accusations in front of the British General Medical Council but denied the intention of drug use. This verdict raises questions about the performances of the British cycling team that dominated the Olympic Games in 2018.

Drug use is old has been around since ancient times, but in modern times it has become common in sports competitions. Margaux Courbon’s team explains in detail this long-standing issue that is not showing any signs of stopping.

Roxane Boulay explains the background of drug use in sports from ancient times to the present, and there are numerous evolutions.

Vincent Benaïred analyses the practice of drug use and its consequences on our health.

Antoine Benbahi explains a phenomenon that has marked Russia, state-sponsored doping.

Camélia Bensaid discusses the fight against this phenomenon. There are various actions taken on a national as well as an international scale!

Anna Mazzer-Pirodon examines the career of Yuliya Stepanova, the Russian athlete who specialized in the 800 meters.


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Illustration by Manon Le Forestier

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