Honduras: the country where rights are dying

Translated by Margot Daniele, Proofread by Coralie Frachisse Spanish is spoken there and there are dream beaches. Honduras is a country of Central America, bordered by the Caribbean, Nicaragua, Salvador, Guatemala, dotted with islands, and it possesses everything to be the perfect summer destination. Yet, there are many red flags. Problems there are piling up […]

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Ireland: a referendum tackling blasphemy

People are to vote on Friday, 26th of October. Not only do they need to elect their next president, they are also being asked about the removal of the word “blasphemy” from constitution. Should the “yes” win, Parliament would legislate to decriminalize what is still considered a crime in Ireland.  What does the law say? […]

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Photo de bannière : façade du Zhogorku Kengesh, le Parlement kirghiz, Bichkek. Crédit hja1306 (Pixabay).

High stake referendum for Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan

TRANSLATED BY BENJAMIN SCHOEB AND NAJWA WAHBI On December 11th 2016, 80 % of Kirghiz voters, from a turnout of 42 %, declared themselves in favor of constitutional changes, granting more power to both the Prime Minister and the President. In a region where both China and Russia have interests, Kirghizstan’s internal stability is crucial. […]

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