Netflix & Culture: American Horror Story: Coven, fiction and reflection of the American history

Translated by Charlotte Rossi, proofread by Marie Peltomäki What if watching a TV show could teach you more than you think? If you have not heard of this fantasy and horror-based series available on Netflix, you should know that American Horror Story (AHS) separates its seasons into full stories that are independent from one another. […]

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Chaos in Somalia: the secrets of a multifactorial widespread crisis

Translated by Marine El Hajji, proofread by Marie Peltomaki The Federal Republic of Somalia, an internationally recognized proto-state: between territorial partition and ‘pan-Somalism’, a nation’s irresolution Has a nation in the Horn of Africa ever really existed? This question seems quite difficult to answer in the affirmative. From the Gulf of Aden to the far […]

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Sameblod. Crédits : Sophia Olsson NORDISK FILMS

The Sami, Europe’s indigenous people in the search of their identity

Translated by Marie Peltomaki, proofread by Natacha Perrin The Sami people have lived in northern Europe for thousands of years, yet their history is often overlooked. The Swedish film director and screenwriter Amanda Kernell is giving back its voice to the Sami people by diving into their history in her film Sami blood (Sameblod), that […]

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