Current state of Cool Japan

Translated by Margot Daniele, Proofread by Coralie Frachisse On 2 February 2021, Yoshiro Modi, president of the organization comity of the Tokyo Olympic Games, firmly declared during a meeting that the Olympics will be held this summer “whatever happens”. This world event will allow the host country to assert its soft power by promoting its […]

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Japan: An economy in distress

Translated by Marie Peltomaki, proofread by Amel Attatfa On Wednesday 27 May, a Council of Ministers gathered with the intention to approve a plan to develop the national economy in Japan. In the search for resources, the Japanese stock market is attempting to rise up again after the shock caused by the health crisis. Faced […]

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Crédit Envolée Culturelle DR.

My brother’s husband: homosexuality in the land of the Rising Sun?

Original article reproduced in partnership and with permission from L’Envolée Culturelle. TRANSLATED BY CAROLINE CARDEN AND ALISON ARLOW My Brother’s Husband is a manga written by Gengoroh Tagame and published by Akata. It is still being produced in the land of the rising sun as well as in France, and will reach the Anglophone market this […]

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