EndSars, le mouvement social qui a secoué le Nigéria

#EndSARS, a Cry of Anger Over Injustice

Translated by: Marine El Hajji The Special Anti-Robbery Squad, more commonly known as SARS, is a controversial unit of the Nigerian armed forces. Over the years, official public sources have revealed that this unit has committed several acts of corruption and professional misconduct. With all these accusations, the Nigerian government struggled to restore the peace […]

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George Floyd’s Killing, the Embodiment of Racist Police Violence

Translated by Marine El Hajji “Eight minutes, it’s nothing, right? Such a small amount of time, and yet so long. Eight short minutes. You ever tried holding your breath for eight minutes? You couldn’t. George Floyd, with his face down on the ground, couldn’t do it either. Eight long minutes. First minute. Handcuffed, belly down, […]

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